Photography and Filming Policy

Date Ratified August 2017
Revision Date September 2018
Created by Grace Rogers


Great Waves Swimming Academy are committed to the safeguarding of all individuals accessing lessons. We are an inclusive swimming provider and strive to ensure that best practice is always maintained for swimmers, staff and spectators alike.

Swimming is an imperative life skill and learning to swim can be considered a milestone in ones life. Bearing this in mind, it is natural for swimmers, family members or spectators to want to document this process as an achievement, but must also be recognised that there may be a wish of others not to be photographed. With advancing technologies, individuals are able to film and photography on mobile phones or portable devices and monitoring of photography around the poolside is required to uphold Great Waves Swimming Academy safeguarding duties.

What follows is a policy on photography and filming at any Great Waves Swimming Academy session. This links to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and is detailed in our terms and conditions.

Policy Aims

The aim of this policy is as follows:

  • Detail the requirements of a Photography and Filming Policy.
  • Detail Great Waves Swimming Academy Responsibilities.
  • Detail Staff Responsibilities.
  • Parent/ Guardian swimmer consent forms.
  • Provide information on Great Waves Swimming Academy handling of photography.

Photography and Filming Policy Requirements

Great Waves Swimming Academy has chosen to implement a Photography and Filming Policy to safeguard all swimmers and staff who attend a Great Waves Swimming Academy lesson. It is imperative to ensure that all individuals can attend a lesson without being photographed unknowingly.

Great Waves Swimming Academy places the emphasis on offering a choice whether a parent/guardian would like their child(ren)/ themselves to be photographed or filmed during their swimming lesson. We recognise that not all swimmers will want to be photographed and so advocate for choice and consent.

Great Waves Swimming Academy also operates a no spectator photography policy on poolside. Although the majority of photographs or films taken of swimmers will be used in good faith, it must be acknowledged that images of children and adults can be misused. The sharing of images without consent may be a betrayal of confidence and could present a risk to an individual.  Great Waves Swimming Academy ask that the following is observed:

  • No photographs or films to be taken by spectators on poolside before, during or after a Great Waves Swimming Academy Lesson.
  • No photographs or films to be taken in the changing rooms whilst attending a Great Waves Swimming Academy lesson.
  • If there are any concerns regarding any individuals taking photographs or recording films, that this is bought to the attention of a Great Waves Swimming Academy member of staff immediately.

Great Waves Swimming Academy Responsibilities

Great Waves Swimming Academy will endeavour to positively promote this policy to all swimmers, spectators and staff. Great Waves Swimming Academy will promote the following as part of their responsibilities.

  • Will train Staff Members in this policy on an annual basis.
  • Will positively promote no poolside or changing room photography at all swimming pool sites. This will be done through the following:
    • Through signs and documents around poolside.
    • Through terms and conditions
    • Through open dialogue and discussions with parents, swimmers and staff about the importance of safeguarding.
    • Vigilance at sessions. Being aware that photographs or videos may be taken and stopping this from happening if identified.

Great Waves Swimming Academy Staff Responsibilities

All Great Waves Swimming Academy Staff have the responsibility to keep everyone safe and ensure that the policy is maintained and upheld. All Great Waves Swimming Academy staff must be aware of the safeguarding implications of photography or filming taken at a session. All staff members are required to report any concerns regarding spectators filming back to management immediately.

Parent/Guardian Photography and Filming Consent Form

From time to time, Great Waves Swimming Academy may offer photographs or videos of swimmers as part of a service. This may include poolside or underwater photography. If photography or filming is offered as part of our services, we require parental consent for the photography/filming to take place and also details as to how the parent/guardian are happy for Great Waves Swimming Academy to take a photography or film.

In the event that photography/filming will take place, all swimmers involved will require a completed consent form before a photo can be taken. The consent form will detail the following:

  • Name of Swimmer
  • Parent Name
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Tick Box to give consent. Without ticking the consent box, consent is not given.

The photography and filming consent required may be included in a swimmers initial sign up form or as a separate form completed at a session.
Storage of Photographs/ Films

If a parent/guardian provides consent for a photograph or film to be taken of a swimmer, Great Waves Swimming Academy recognises the importance of storing and handling the image/film.

The image will be handled inline with the consent form. Swimmer images will not be shared on social media or any other online forum. All other images will be stored securely offline.

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